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There are 3 primary concerns for winter:

People - keeping us warm (clothing, etc.)
Shelter - needs to be warm and sturdy (resist snow load, wind, etc.)
Safety - fire and carbon monoxide, snow removal, preventing slipping on ice, etc.

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Ways to help:


READ THIS: [WWW]Cold weather tips for protesters. Also, in the comments are very useful suggestions having to do with protesting outside, especially if you are standing or walking on concrete for a long time.

General strategy for outdoor winter survival

Keep your stuff from getting ruined by cold


* "Cotton is a killer" - Cotton absorbs moisture, you need to be sure to wear clothing that wicks moisture away from the body like above mentioned materials.

*with tents not beeing allowed (NYC) any more efficient body insulation is getting primordial : This would mean that the same thermal comfort could be achieved using only one layer of long underwear plus the equivalent of a winter business suit (2.5 clo at 12.7°C), or that using two layers plus the suit could bring the comfort level for a resting person down to a temperature of 0°C (wearing 4 clo of clothing). other alternatives are discussed as well source : [WWW]

Keeping warm while sitting or lying down:

Additional solutions:




* Neoprene mats are often put in horse stables to ensure horses' joints don't freeze on contact with cement or the bare ground; occupiers can mimic this protection by putting neoprene "yoga" mats or mats made for standing for long periods of time in industrial work areas, under their sleeping bags. These mats are easy to clean and often have imbedded, anti-microbial additives or this is a property of the material.
* "Cabana" tents can often have their sides rolled-up, leaving something that looks like a beach umbrella — not a tent.
* Snow shelters (a.k.a "igloos") and dug-outs are an option in the coldest climates.


Snow removal; ice


Links to specific Occupy groups' winter work

* [WWW]

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